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Anti-ram raid retractable bollards offer an exceptional level of protection against vehicular attacks on your buildings entry/exit points when installed in front of your roller shutters, shop fronts and entry gates. Ram raids are commonplace on industrial and commercial properties and can cause serious damage to your building and site security doors resulting in costly repairs. Our high strength steel, retractable bollards will prevent vehicles gaining close proximity to your entry/exit points offering another line of defence to your buildings security detail.


As our retractable bollards can be installed anywhere within your site boundary, they can be used for other purposes, for example, preventing unauthorised vehicle access to your site footprint if no other physical security products are in place, such as gates, fencing and traffic barriers, or to prevent vehicles parking in, or entering restricted areas. Whatever the application, you can rest assured that when you have our retractrable bollards installed on your site, "some tosser in a stolen Beemer" isn't going to ram raid your property.

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