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Some businesses require constant temperature controlled environments inside their buildings, others have problems with vermin entering when their roller shutters are kept constantly open to allow access for company vehicles and site forklift trucks, unless the shutters are opened and closed every time a vehicle requires entry, which can cause greater wear and tear to your site security doors.
Our range of automatic fast acting doors can help provide a solution to these issues and help keep your business running with maximum efficiency. Programmed to suit your requirements, our fast acting doors can be set to open and close quickly on command through fob, push button or motion sensing control and stay open for as long or short a time as required, minimising heat loss and protecting against vermin entering your building.
Made from lightweight but durable materials and utilising the latest technology our fast acting doors are ideal for many applications ranging from the food industry to pharmaceutical and medical installations as well as general warehousing and distribution companies.
Our fast acting doors come as standard fitted with a bottom safety edge and photocell protection to prevent the door closing if a vehicle is detected within the opening preventing damage to the door and vehicle and can be colour coded to suit your company colour scheme.
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